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As more organizations leverage the Internet for business and commercial transactions, attackers are focusing on applications to penetrate corporate security controls. Historically, developers have focused on functionality over security, which has presented an entirely new venue for attackers to launch exploits and compromise systems and information.

Service Description

Digivera's DVAudit vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service provides a customized, extensive, impartial, and periodic security analysis of your IT infrastructure, network resources and assets, internally developed or commercial enterprise applications, databases, wireless and VoIP communications. This service evaluates current security standards and levels of compliance to give organizations a well-developed matrix of existing threats, vulnerabilities, and real-world recommendations to address specific weaknesses. In addition, we use a library of proprietary tests and custom-developed tools to check for vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through automated means.

The Digivera Advantages

Digivera's DVAudit services are performed only by experienced and credential professionals, most of whom are CISSPs, CISAs, and certified security professionals. All this is put to work for you; we go beyond the basic application assessment to:

Demonstrate due diligence for regulatory compliance (as applicable);
Assure your IT Infrastructure is sufficiently hardened;
Deliver actionable findings and strategic recommendations;
Provide knowledge transfer to your internal security resources;
Utilize dedicated senior project team with global recognition in the security industry.

Service Benefits

Some organizations believe applications have security built in or are "good to go" out of the box. This is not usually the case. In fact, it is rarely true. Digivera's trusted advisor services help put the security back into your applications:

Digivera does not use or rely on open source tools and scanners for application assessments scanning because of their relative immaturity. All our testing is performed via our automated On-Demand Managed Service which provides 100% testing coverage, accuracy and backed by experienced security professionals.
Digivera performs comprehensive threat analysis to identify key assets needing protection and defines security threats to those assets.
Digivera will provide you with a detailed report on security vulnerabilities along with architectural and operational weaknesses identified based on our proprietary checklist that goes beyond requirements identified in industry standards or checklist. Our findings report also provides detailed explanations of countermeasures necessary to secure applications, data assets, and IT resources, and outlines policy recommendations to ensure long-term compliance with industry best practices.

Web Application Vulnerabilities

WebServer Vulnerabilities

Database Vulnerabilities

Network & IT Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Applications and Content Vulnerabilities

Wireless & Mobile Communication Vulnerabilities

VoIP Vulnerabilities

PCI, SOX, HIPPA Vulnerabilities and Compliance

Digivera also provides a complete suite of technology solutions and On-demand SaaS managed security services to solve your business and regulatory requirements. We provide pay-as-you-grow services such as Security Management, Identity Management, Storage/Online Backup, IT Help Desk and more.

Our team of industry experts has enhanced every service by providing additional content, special pricing or a unique value proposition that cannot be found anywhere else. Learn more...

At Digivera, we make security manageable.

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